Bachelor Degree in Animation and VFX

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In the BA with Honours in Animation and VFX course, students learn the entire scope of animation from the history of animation and pre-production to adding visual effects to an animated film and production management. They also become good at communication, critical thinking and working on sustainable development.

The first semester discusses the basics of the course. In this semester, students know how to draw using light and shadow, and produce visuals understanding the principles of colour design. English and Psychology are also included in this course so as to improve the perceptive, communicative, creative, critical and behavioural skills of the students.

The second semester course deals with the history of animation focusing on style in a historical context. It also discusses the fundamentals of pre-production including design of character, background, story board, and layout. This semester also makes the students eco-conscious. It further discusses theories of personality and motivation and also analyses mythology.

The third semester teaches Key-Frame animation and compositing. Introduction to digital animation is also done in this semester. Evolution of mass media and its role in today’s world, sports and their relation to animation are clearly discussed.

The fourth semester is based on modelling and creating cartoon characters. It also covers presentation techniques. This semester also discusses photography and advertising and their influence on animation.

The fifth semester starts from rigging and proceeds to 3D animation. Digital sculpting and digital painting are introduced. Students also study and analyse action sequences in movies and also how to edit audios and videos.

The sixth semester focuses on how to add visual effects to an animation film. Students get to know how match moving is done. Production management is done at length in this semester. Lastly students undergo practical training for 12 weeks in an animation studio of their choice.

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