BA (Hons) – Game Art & Design

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In the BA with Honours in Game art and Design, students get to know about games from the history of games to game engines. They do this through game development, learning level designing and building, 2D animation and testing games for quality. They will also become eco-conscious and their critical and behavioural skills are improved.

The first semester develops the language skills of the students and introduces them to the history of art and the history of games. They learn how to draw and study figures made of different materials. They become adept at colour combinations and using tints and shades. They work with different geometrical shapes and still life objects.

In the second semester, students learn about the literary criticism and creative writing. They also write, edit and proofread content for various audience. Evolution of Play to Game and structure of the games including game design are learnt. Game development is also introduced. They learn how to draw and colour. Study and construction of body parts is learnt. Personality development including body language is introduced in this semester.

The third semester covers principles and objectives of level design, level building and editing. 2D animation including story boarding and different stages of production is discussed. 3D modelling, 3D software and digital sculpting are introduced here.

The fourth semester continues the discussion on level design and digital 2D animation. Character modelling and environmental modelling are covered in this semester. Creation of props is also discussed.

The fifth semester talks about game project management and game quality assurance. Students get to know about environmental science and sustainable development in this semester. Conceptual art, rigging and animation, lighting and rendering for games are introduced in this semester.

The last semester continues the discussion on conceptual art, rigging and animation, lighting and rendering for games. It also introduces game engines to the students. 3D sculpting, 3D illustrations are also discussed here. At the end, students have to do a mini project.

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