BA (Hons) – Game Art & Design

BA (Honors) – Game Art & Design

4 Years Graduation

The BA with Honours in Game art & Design is a 4 -years degree for any intermediate or 10+2 students in India.Students learn about games, from their history to their game engines, as part of the BA with Honours in Game art and Design. They accomplish this by creating video games, studying level design and construction, 2D animation, and game quality testing. Along with improving their critical thinking and behavioural skills, they will also develop an eco-consciousness.




1st year

I Semester

The first semester introduces students to animation and visual effects (VFX) while also assisting them in developing their skills. They learn how to sketch and draw different areas of perspective as well as the different materials utilised to construct figures. In the first semester, students develop their language skills while learning about Anatomy for Human and Animals. They look at the many tools and techniques used in storyboarding and layout.They learn how to build products and logos using raster and vector graphics.
They use clay for modelling portraits.

1st year

II Semester

The second semester is when students study creative writing and literary criticism. For a variety of audiences, they also create, edit, and proofread content. We study about how games evolved from play to games, their structures, and game design. Also discussed is game development. They acquire artistic and colouring skills. Body part analysis and construction are learned. This semester includes an introduction to personality development and body language.

2nd Year

III semester

The second semester is students study Digital Painting skills. They also produce, edit, as well as advance design elements (image manipulations and matte Painting) for a range of audiences. An introduction to environmental science is covered this semester.

2nd Year

IV semester

The discussion of level design and digital 2D animation continues in the fourth semester. This semester, both character and environmental modelling are studied. The making of props is also covered.

3rd Year

V semester

Game quality assurance and project management are topics covered in the fifth semester. During this semester, students learn about environmental science and sustainable development. This semester includes introductions to concept art, rigging and animation, lighting, and rendering for video games.

3rd Year

VI semester

The topic of conceptual art, rigging and animation, lighting, and rendering for video games continues in the sixth semester. The students are also introduced to game engines. We also talk about 3D modelling and 3D artwork here.

4th Year

VII semester

The students receive training in Advance Lighting for Compositing during the seven semesters, in addition to learning about
Advance Dynamics and Management Information System.

4th Year

VIII semester

The eighth semester is the students' last assignment, which includes thesis submissions that focus on the projects they will do afterward. The projects will be submitted, reviewed by teachers, and followed by a 12-week internship in a gaming studio.